Dec 08 2009

Street socks and other tidbits

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On a recent trip to New York I had one of those anxiety-dream-meets-real-life moments, when I realized on the morning of day 2 that I had forgotten to pack socks! Genius at work. Happily, one of the good things about NYC (especially in the winter) is that wherever you go, you are only about 3 blocks away from being able to purchase a perfectly decent and inexpensive hat/scarf/gloves/umbrella and yes, socks, on the street. In the end my feet were warm and dry for Neil’s superb concert, and if this footwear gets through the laundry without shrinking to the size of postage stamps, I may purchase all of my future socks streetside.

Another composer participating in that show was Annie Gosfield, who, in addition to writing exciting and original works of music, also writes clear, insightful words about music. Her “Advice to Young Composers” is traveling like wildfire across the internet, and I’m sure it will be quoted extensively for a long time to come. She has also written an essay that describes my life with frightening accuracy, towards which I direct those who want to know (or, ahem, NEED to understand) what it’s like to be a composer.


An addendum to that recent post about becoming more interested in video:

Cellist Joshua Roman has a fine new project with photographer Chase Jarvis, which you can watch here. Chase has also made a very fun iPhone app called Best Camera, which makes the iPhone camera way more entertaining!

Also – I help manage a website called, which was created to honor the memory of Randy Hostetler, a super-talented young composer who left us much too early. A few months ago a friend of Randy’s gave us some wonderful video of Randy performing his own composition “8” for piano and eight ball.

Having never properly met Randy (although we did attend the same high school and graduate school, at different times), this video is a lovely window into his personality.


  • Roger Kleier, The Night Has Many Hours (Innova)


  • Amy Bloom, Come to Me

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