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electric blue pantsuit

amplified violin and computer sound (2007)

Jennifer Choi, violin; Alexandra Gardner, computer
Recorded at MajorWho Media


computer (running Max/MSP)


Duration: 7 minutes
Premiere: March 29, 2007
Lina Bahn at Greenwich House Arts North River Music series, New York, NY

program note

The inspiration for electric blue pantsuit came from a dream fragment, in which I am watching a crowded, noisy cocktail party take place, and a friend (a dream friend – the ones we recognize in our dreams but have never met in real life) emerges from the crowd wearing a glowing bright blue pantsuit. This image has stayed with me for years, and for me the music expands upon that scene as if the violin is dreaming about a celebration in which it is talking to friends, meeting new people, engaging in animated discussions, and dancing.

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