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chamber ensemble

Parterre Designs (2021)
flute, harp, percussion, 11′
commissioned by harpist Catherine Case with support from The American Harp Society

Spacious Air (2020)
string quartet, 3′
commissioned by Quartet ES

Tides (2019)
saxophone quartet and soundtrack, 20′
commissioned by Gary Louie for the Peabody Conservatory saxophone studio with support from the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation

Vixen (2016)
flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, vibraphone, piano, violin, cello, 6′
commissioned by Grand Valley State New Music Ensemble

Now or Never (2010)
flute, clarinet, electric guitar, piano, double bass, 8′
commissioned by Now Ensemble

Two by Eight (2009)
saxophone, bassoon, electric guitar, violin, cello, contrabass, piano, drum set, 2′
commissioned by Compagnie Ch.AU

The Way of Ideas (2007)
flute, clarinet, violin, cello, 7′
commissioned by Seattle Chamber Players

Coyote (2004)
percussion quartet, 16′
commissioned by Percussions de Barcelona with support from the American Music Center

Coyote Turns (2004)
string quartet, 16′
created with support from the Vasssar College W. K. Rose Fellowship

Spotted Jasper (2001)
bass clarinet, marimba, electronic sounds, 11′
commissioned by the Levine School of Music

Crows (1998)
clarinet, violin, cello and piano, 17′
commissioned by SOLI Chamber Ensemble

Migrations (1997)
flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion, 10′
written for the Aspen Contemporary Ensemble

Ituri (1996)
trumpet, harp, tape, 10′


Lantana (2022)
oboe and soundtrack, 6′
commissioned by Mary Lynch Vanderkolk with a consortium of oboists

Sanctuary of Joy (2022)
organ & violin, 7′
commissioned by Boulanger Initiative

The Song-Spattered Sky (2020)
soprano & piano, 3′
commissioned by Bellingham Symphony Orchestra

Cypress (2019)
from Tides
baritone saxophone and soundtrack, 6′

Hummingbird Dreams (2019)
solo piano, 6’30”
commissioned by Astral Artists for pianist Natalia Kazaryan

Fade (2019)
flute and soundtrack, 7′
commissioned by The National Flute Association

Blue John (2016)
solo double bass, 5’30”
commissioned by bassist Gahlord Dewald

Chalcedony Sonata (2015)
solo piano, 10′
commissioned by Strathmore Music Center for pianist Jenny Lin

Juniper (2013)
solo shakuhachi, 4′
commissioned by the European Shakuhachi Society

Seduction Involves Patience (2011)
viola and soundtrack, 10′

Mint Conditioner (2010)
double bass and electronics, 9′
written for bassist Logan Coale

Bloom (2009)
cello and soundtrack, 8′
commissioned by cellist Joshua Roman

Mythimna Twilight (2008)
alto saxophone and guitar, 7′
commissioned by Duo Cuypers/Lop

electric blue pantsuit (2007)
amplified violin and computer sound, 8′
written for violinist Lina Bahn

it was bound to happen (2006)
bass clarinet and organ, 10′
commissioned by Duo Levent with support from The Netherland-America Foundation

(Re)acciones (2005)
piano and computer sound, 8′
written for Silvia Vidal and Ramon Humet

Tourmaline (2004)
soprano saxophone and computer sound, 10′
written for saxophonist Xelo Giner

Luminoso (2003)
guitar and sampled sounds, 6′
written for guitarist Enrique M. Lop

New Skin (2003)
alto flute and computer, 14′
written for flutist Barbara Held

Ónice (2003)
bass clarinet and processed sounds, 9′
written for bass clarinetist Harry Sparnaay

Ayehli (2002)
marimba and sampled sounds, 12′

Snapdragon (2002)
trombone and sampled sounds, 11′
commissioned by trombonist Monique Buzzarté with support from The Open Meadows Foundation

Two Breathing Songs (1993)
solo clarinet, 6′

Earthmoves (1990 – revised, 1996)
two percussionists, 7′

large ensemble

Just Say Yes (2019)
version for wind ensemble, 12′
commissioned by a consortium of wind ensembles including Indiana University and the United States Navy Band

Significant Others (2018)
orchestra, 10′
commissioned by Seattle Symphony

Stay Elevated (2018)
chamber orchestra, 22′
commissioned by Seattle Symphony

Ciphers and Constellations (2016)
string orchestra with electronics, 11′
commissioned by The String Orchestra of Brooklyn

Perseids (2015)
wind ensemble, 7′
commissioned by a consortium of wind ensembles led by Louisiana State University

Just Say Yes (2012)
orchestra, 12′
commissioned by Seattle Symphony

Banyan (2008)
orchestra, 7′

Tamarack (2000)
accordion & ensemble, 12′
commissioned by the CrossSound Contemporary Music Festival


Shifting Sands (2000)
2-channel fixed media, 11′
commissioned by choreographer Sharon Mansur

Picking Up (1999)
2-channel fixed media, 6′
commissioned by choreographer Nancy Havlik

Framework (1998)
2-channel fixed media, 7′
commissioned by choreographer Sharon Mansur

Excavation (1996)
2-channel fixed media, 4′
sound sculpture collaboration with artist Charlotte Corini

Marblehead (1992)
sampled toy marbles, 6′
commissioned by choreographer Daniel Burkholder

Sleeping Weather (1990)
a thunderstorm meditation, 12′