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Composer Alexandra Gardner creates music with a clear, expressive sound and a flair for the imaginative and unexpected.

… few [contemporary composers] achieve the particular alchemy of craft, whimsy, and sensual appeal that the Baltimore-based composer Gardner consistently produces.

— The New Yorker

Consortium Opportunity!
Concerto for Alto Saxophone & Wind Ensemble

Join Alexandra with a group of wind ensembles and saxophonists in creating a new work inspired by the recent discoveries of the NASA James Webb Telescope, looking back in time at the early formation of the universe!

new scores now available!

Blue John
solo double bass

Lantana flower

oboe & soundtrack OR
soprano saxophone & soundtrack

baritone saxophone & soundtrack

dream & scheme sessions

Alexandra taps into 25+ years of experience as a working composer to help artists from emerging to elite jump-start their careers.


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