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flute and soundtrack (2019)

Live performance by Hilary Abigana


Duration: 6:45
Commissioned by: The National Flute Association
Premiere: August 4, 2019
Hilary Abigana, flute
2019 NFA Convention, Salt Lake City, UT

program note

Fade explores the nature of human memory, which memories “stick” with us, the ways in which memories transform and mutate over time, and how they can seem to vanish, only to reappear at later unexpected moments.


Score + Audio File — $18

Score + Audio File — $25

Performance materials will be sent via email or USPS within 1-3 business days.


Alexandra Gardner’s Fade welcomes us into a sound world that is both new and deeply organic. The flute and electronics are woven together with subtlety and to great effect, each voice seeming to live and breathe in response to the other. Gardner celebrates the flute’s capacity for color and brilliance with her virtuosic writing and her use of subtle extended techniques, creating a work that is idiomatic, imaginative and persuasive. It is a valuable addition to the flute repertoire and should be on everyone’s list of works to program on their next recital.

— Elizabeth Rowe, Principal Flutist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

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