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trumpet, harp, tape (1996)

Kate Amrine, trumpet; Peggy Houng, harp
About/face series at The Bun Shop
Baltimore, MD. 6.18.17


Duration: 10 minutes
Premiere: May, 1996
Peabody Conservatory of Music, Baltimore, MD
Winner of the Peabody Camerata Composition Contest

program note

Ituri was inspired by the following quote, from an unknown author, which I found (completely by accident) on a scrap of paper lying in the street in Baltimore, Maryland:

When bad times befell the inhabitants of the Ituri forest in Central Africa, they assumed that their misfortune was due to the fact that the benevolent forest, which usually provided for all their needs, had accidentally fallen asleep. At that point, the leaders of the group would dig up the sacred horns buried underground, and blow on them for days and nights on end, in an attempt to wake up the forest, thus restoring the good times.

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