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guitar and sampled sounds (2003)

Enrique M. Lop, guitar

Luminoso is available on Innova Recordings 662 (Alexandra Gardner, Luminoso)


Duration: 6 minutes
Premiere: May 8, 2003
Enrique M. Lop at Auditorio SGAE, Barcelona, Spain

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program note

Luminoso for guitar and recorded sound was written for Enrique Lop and created in the studios of the IUA/Phonos Foundation in Barcelona, Spain. It is the third work in a series of compositions for solo instruments and electronics. The guitar part combines flamenco and classical guitar techniques with percussive sonorities played on the body of the instrument. The electronic part of Luminoso is comprised entirely of acoustic guitar sounds, some of which are easily identifiable, and others of which have been processed into completely different forms using a variety of software tools. The title refers to the quality of sunlight in Barcelona, which I found myself trying to capture in this music.


Benjamin Beirs, guitar
Contemporary Museum Mobtown Modern concert series, Baltimore, MD. 2.03.10.


In Gardner’s Luminoso, flamenco strummings are digitally processed in a way that evokes a lone guitarist wandering around a sun-baked ruin.

— Alex Ross, The New Yorker

If the darkness of brief winter days is getting you down, Alexandra Gardner has proffered a cure Luminoso, a six-minute work for guitar and samples which also lends its title to this disc of “solo with sounds” pieces, is inspired by the sunlight in Barcelona. The rhythms and timbres of flamenco-style guitar playing dominate the opening measures, but the bed of processed guitar sounds underneath pull things in a more ethereal direction…the music’s movement—both in the acoustically finger picked and in the electronically crafted—generates an inherent warmth.

— Molly Sheridan, NewMusicBox

It’s not often that I’ll post a promotional mp3 on this site, but this fine album’s title track Luminoso, deserves it, being in my estimation more likely than most to break through the slurred imposition of surfing the net and all the content that goes with it.

— Give Me Take You

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