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Mythimna Twilight

alto saxophone and guitar (2008)

Live recording—4.17.08
Duo Cuypers/Lop


Duration: 7 minutes
Commissioned by: Duo Cuypers/Lop
Premiere: April 11, 2008
Duo Cuypers/Lop at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington

program note

Mythimna Twilight is written for and dedicated to guitarist Enrique Lop, and saxophonist Carola Cuypers. Writing music for friends feels comfortable and relaxing to me, so after having been fortunate enough to work with both of these wonderful musicians on separate projects, I jumped at the chance to create a work for them to play together!

The title was inspired by photographs of Mythimna harbor in Greece. Given that the Duo loves to sail, it seemed apropos—the music undulates between mellow, singing lines and rollicking, twirly gestures; it “puts them on the boat.”


Benjamin Beirs, guitar; Brian Sacawa, alto saxophone
Contemporary Museum Mobtown Modern concert series, Baltimore, MD. 2.03.10

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