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bass clarinet and processed sounds (2003)

Harry Sparnaay, bass clarinet

Ónice is available on Innova Recordings 662 (Alexandra Gardner, Luminoso)


Duration: 9 minutes
Commissioned by: Phonos Foundation
Premiere: December 6, 2003
Harry Sparnaay at Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid, Spain

program note

Ónice was written for bass clarinetist Harry Sparnaay and created in the studios of IUA/Phonos Foundation. It is the fourth of a series of compositions for solo instruments and electronics. As with many of my works for instrument and electronic sounds, the two parts are woven together into an aural landscape of shifting rhythms and textures based on the sonic material of the acoustic instrument. In this case, the sounds have been processed into completely different forms, creating a sonic space in which the performer places himself through active listening.

Traditionally the stone called onyx is believed to absorb and transform negative energy; to help bring us into contact with our actual realities by assisting in the gradual release of all that is not in harmony with our present lives.

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