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piano and electronics (2005)

Live recording—3.29.07
Kathleen Supové, piano; Alexandra Gardner, computer


Duration: 9 minutes
Premiere: February 9, 2006
Festival Sinkro, Vitoria, Spain

program note

(Re)acciones was written for, and dedicated to Silvia Vidal and Ramon Humet. It is the seventh piece in a series of compositions for solo instrument and computer sound. My interest in combining acoustic instruments with computer-based sound lies in, as with any relationship between disparate forces, discovering how the two interact in different situations; from the common ground between them to their irreconcilable differences. In this composition, the piano and electronic sounds enter into a dialogue that travels through a series of animated situations and moods ranging from happy coexistence to frenzied debate. Musical statements from each instrument cause a reaction of some sort from the other, creating pathways to new sonic environments.

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