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trombone and sampled sounds (2002)

Carlos Gil Ferrer, trombone

Snapdragon is available on Innova Recordings 662 (Alexandra Gardner, Luminoso)


computer (running Max/MSP) or pre-recorded stereo audio file


Duration: 11 minutes
Commissioned by: Open Meadows PatsyLu Fund
Premiere: November 17, 2003
Carlos Gil Ferrer at Metronom, Barcelona, Spain

program note

Snapdragon was written for Monique Buzzarté, commissioned by the Open Meadows PatsyLu Fund. The piece was created in the studios of the IUA/Phonos Foundation in Barcelona, Spain. As with many of my works for instrument and recorded sound, the two parts are woven together into an aural landscape of shifting rhythms and textures based largely upon the sonic material of the acoustic instrument. The electronic part of Snapdragon, which is performed by Monique using the program Max/MSP, includes recordings of Monique herself playing, as well as field recordings from outdoor spaces in Barcelona. Some of these sounds are easily identifiable, while others have been processed into completely different forms using a variety of software tools.

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