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Creativity Sessions

Online private sessions for creators of sound & music.

Unique, individualized learning to help you unlock your creativity, discover your voice, and have fun!

If you create music and/or sound and use some method to communicate it to performers and/or listeners, creativity sessions are for you!

This could mean creating work in a DAW like Ableton or Pro Tools, traditional notation, graphic notation, text recipes, field recordings, and more.

I believe that everyone is creative. (Yes, everyone!)

I always thought that composing was for prodigies. I didn’t realize it’s something you can just… sit down and do.
Alex’s advice really helped me—not just with writing music, but also getting past my own mental blocks.

— Julia, Seattle, WA

Former learners include:

  • A music major who did something entirely different for years after graduation and returned to composing in their 50s.
  • A music composition professor at a university who learned specific production techniques in Ableton Live.
  • A young creator taking a gap year between high school and college who used the time to compose chamber music.
  • A cellist who “dabbled” in electronic music and created an entire album.
  • An elementary school teacher who writes songs and creates sound art to accompany sculpture exhibits.

Because my creative journey began with electronic music and I have worked extensively in audio production and sound design, I offer insights and ideas that complement and expand traditional composition techniques.

Sessions can be focused on instrumental composition, electronic music, creative sound-making techniques, or activities like developing a workflow, getting creatively unstuck, or idea brainstorming.

In addition to topics such as form and structure, orchestration, and notation (if appropriate), we can address issues such as:

  • Methods for creating emotional impact in music
  • Fun & creative techniques for generating musical content
  • Working with improvisation and/or electronic sounds
  • Developing a creative practice that feels playful and satisfying

Interested in creativity sessions? Let’s talk!

Flexible scheduling is available.
Book a free 30-minute introductory call to identify your goals and ensure that working together will be a productive experience for you.