Nov 02 2008

Big Apples

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It’s totally 150% cliche, but… I love New York! Honestly. When I’m there I buy into the frenzy and run around from meeting to meeting to friend visit to concert to meeting to another friend visit to whatever else comes up to….! I always return to DC completely exhausted and oversensitized and inspired and buzzing and tossing about armfuls of projects, plans, ideas, and all that. Highlights from this week’s visit include picking organic vegetables from a rooftop garden (thanks to my Two Supreme Inspirations in Queens), a wonderful String Orchestra of New York City concert (who needs a conductor?! They certainly don’t!), visits with composers, designers and artsy internet people who have excellent taste in food and wine, a touch of business meeting, and a fab recording session with an insanely talented cellist. Oh! Never before have I been to Fairway – the cheese section alone is staggering!

I am tempted to quell my Election Anxiety with chocolate, but have been just barely keeping it together. All fingers and toes crossed, people!!!

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