Feb 03 2009

Five Thoughts On Making Electronic Music

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So a few months ago I served as a panelist for an electroacoustic music competition. It was fun, and quite revealing, and I found myself oscillating (ahem) between joyful giddiness and abject horror as I listened to a big pile of recordings. I’ve been trying to concoct a witty, Letterman-style top ten list that would do justice to my swirling thoughts on composing electronic music that actually works, but I just keep returning to the same five key points:

  1. Got form and structure?
  2. Step away from the synth preset! Unless you can employ it with as much panache as Corey.
  3. Be yourself! I adore Radiohead (*insert band or composer of choice here*) just as much as the next person, but the only ones who will ever really sound like Radiohead are, um….Radiohead.
  4. Drugs don’t make the music better. At least not while you’re actually creating it, that is. Just say no. Seriously.
  5. A really awesome idea is a million times better than really awesome gear.

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4 Responses to “Five Thoughts On Making Electronic Music”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Excellent list! #5 is applicable widely. So true… and more important than ever. As technology gets cheaper and more widely available gear becomes more plentiful and good ideas remain scarce.

  2. bodhi47 says:

    5 is overarching. I knew a guy in atlanta that had a fostex eight track and a bucket of 57s that turned out amazing recordings. It’s not what ya got but getting what you need out what you have.

  3. Ramon says:

    Wise list! I find 3 the most difficult to achieve. Do you have any receipt?

  4. I agree fully! LEARN the tools inside out and you will be a master in music 🙂

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