Mar 08 2009

Nose to the Grindstone

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Okay, whew! Lifting my head up for a quick gulp of air between finishing one musical project and continuing to another in progress….too fried to write much at the moment, but I promise there will be details after This Next Thing and taxes!

First of all, Thank You to those of you who have been commenting! Much appreciated. Now that there are more than 3 actual regular (*gasp*) readers, I do feel some responsibility to post more regularly, even just wee tidbits like this.

Has anyone else noticed the Twitter explosion of late?? So many new organizations and people. I am conflicted about Twitter; so much so that I have joined and left, then decided to give it another shot and joined up again. My issues with it are many – personally speaking, I’m not sure I really feel comfortable sharing that much/often, nor am I sure I can keep the tweets sufficiently witty and creative to make it interesting for anyone else. Taking a broader view, imho no depth or subtlety can be effectively conveyed using 140 characters. Reports of future news and serious information being communicated in tweets is plain scary. There are definitely people and organizations who make it work, and I appreciate their presence, but most of it seems, er, self-indulgent. Do we really need to know that you are cooking an omelet? Really??

Anyway. Color me skeptical.


A sentence that I am glad to write: There have been more interesting new music events happening between DC and Baltimore than I have had time to attend.

Another sentence that makes me happy: With the recent addition of musical friends like Brian and Molly and Steve and David to the DC-B’more area, I realize that I no longer feel lonely for regular new music bonding like I used to!


Something else to amuse you until the return from Composer Lockdown:

If you have even the slightest interest in baked goods, you must must must check out this blog right this minute.

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