Oct 28 2009

Converts are the worst

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This is so true, don’t you think?! “Most intense” is probably a more diplomatic phrase. Whether it is religious, dietary, technology-related, or name-that-topic, you will hear all about it from the converted. Often, and in great detail. So make yourself comfy.

However, this can be a completely good thing! For example, friends joining the Forces of Good by switching from Blackberry to iPhone have, in their extreme and ambitious enthusiasm, turned me on to fantastic apps I didn’t know about, such as Byline and Things. My own tortoise-like conversion has to do with video. I’ve never been a video person – it just doesn’t float my boat in the same way that photography does. I try and try to get psyched about art that incorporates video, and most of the time I end up running back to the comfort of the still image. That is starting to change though – more and more often I climb aboard YouTube or Vimeo to watch assorted musical performances or to check out the latest bit of satire. Molly has a talent for finding really good videos, and she has now gotten me completely hooked on Pomplamoose. This duo makes brilliant video cover songs as well as their own wonderful original music. Their work is such a good example of the best possible cover song scenario – the integral parts of the original song which make that song special are left intact, while the music is also changed up in a very personal way that makes it their own. Although I am a long time past the group house experience, I think these two would be ideal housemates, because who wouldn’t want to come downstairs in the morning for breakfast in the midst of this much joy?

Have fun everyone!

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